Meet the Huskies!

Elli was born August 25th, 2015 in San Benito, Texas and she came home with me in November of 2015. She loved going for long walks at UTRGV and playing with her best friend Luna, an Alaskan Malamute. Her favorite things were finding squirrels, ripping up toys, getting treats, and talking in "husky". She had heterochromia, so one eye was blue and one eye was brown. Elli crossed the rainbow bridge home on April 12th, 2021. A couple months before that, Elli made a new friend, Billie - and they had lots in common.

Billie was adopted February 13th, 2021 somewhere in the RGV. She's half husky and half ???. She also has heterochromia, so one eye is blue and one eye is brown. Her blue eye is half brown, and her brown eye has the tiniest twinkle of blue. Elli and Billie loved to say hi together whenever I'd sign on Zoom in the spring semester. Speaking of Zoom, Billie does lots of Zoom-ies in the yard to chase all the birds, bugs, and lizards outside. Her favorite things are swimming in the doggie pool, catching her toys in mid-air, and putting tennis balls in a machine that throws them right back at her. 

RIP Elli 💗 the Siberian Husky 💗

Miss you Elli 💗 it’s been too many months since you crossed the rainbow bridge and though it's been one of the most challenging things I've ever had to accept, I’m getting there. When I was getting ready to go to Nebraska I was so scared to leave you at home in case your health got worse, so I guess God said I could take your spirit with me instead. We had an amazing summer in Nebraska doing research we never thought we’d be capable of.. we met old friends and made new ones 💗 and we imagined a whole new life we never thought was possible for us… we took steps a day at a time. 

I'm amazed at how many adventures we have taken since then!!! We have traveled to Tennesseee, Florida, Louisiana, California, and Illinois - and getting ready for new trips already. Along the way, I met a beautiful soul in Chicago, Illinois, who gave me the tattoo of my dreams. Now I can truly say that wherever I go, there you are. Your smiling face reminds me of the decision I made many years ago, to try and live life as fully as I could.

Part of moving on is updating this page that I made about you on my website. Another part of moving on is remembering to keep my heart open always for new opportunities to love, even if it hurts from time to time.